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Lo strepitoso colore prugna della pasta di Pisciottana
Oliva Pisciottana ERMMA'

πyx (Pyx)

D.O.P. EVO oil Cilento from Monocultivar Pisciottana

This EVO oil is a fine product of our "pisciottana" olive trees, a typical species only found in Cilento. Our lands host hundreds of fierce and entangling roots belonging to these secular trees. The olives are gathered and brought to the oil mill within the same day, and their processing requires low temperature. Moreover, the produced oil undergoes strict and severe controls and quality checks in order to apply the D.O.C. mark.
Pyx is a genuine EVO, an outstandingly pure monovarietal oil born in uncontaminated green lands. It is undoubtedly difficult to find such an original product, under a nutritional and organoleptic point of view. Last but not the least, we will never fail to remember that pyx, as well as our other products, is exclusively made in our lands, which lie among the hills surrounding Ascea, in the heart of a national park.

Olio award 2016 250 oli migliori del mondo

Finalista Oli monovarietali Ascoli 2016

ORCIOLO D'ORO Premio internazionale Distinzione Orciolo d'oro 2016

DOMINA DIOOC international contest oil contest Medaglia d'argento premio internazionale Domina IOOC 2016

The term "pyx" derives from the ancient greek colony "pixous", whose root word "pyx" means "boxwood". This resistant and evergreen shrub symbolises youth, courage, strenght and longevity. Rarely has a name been more appropriate for an EVO oil, which shows these qualities in its flavour and in its natural components.
Pyx is an orchestra conductor: it allegorically coordinates many talented musicians (flavour, fragrance, colour, freshness and polyphenols) to reach a truly beneficial symphony, bringing joy to both mind and body. 
The odour reminds of a fresh and sun-kissed lawn, exposed to the rising morning light of a new day

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